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Carla Brown

A multifaceted artist based out of South East Georgia.

Carla began making music at the age of 12 and started taking it seriously at age 19. Through producing beats Carla began finding her voice sonically, eventually rapping and singing over them. Carla began her career uder the alias, "Yintewang" that then transformed into, "CARLA." and eventually, "Carla the Poet." Growing up on the countryside of Georgia, Carla received most of their inspiration from her isolated suroundings. Carla also takes inspiration from the likes of Toro y Moi, Alex Wiley, Sergio Mendes and many more.

Coninued below...



A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Yīntèwǎng (in-te-wang) was the alias Carla went under when she first started making beats. Yintewang stands for Internet in Mandarin, which Carla felt she was born into (the internet). Starting up in 2015 on a Soundcloud account, Carla would post remixes and beats she produced. Taking inspiration from the likes of WILLOW, The Free Design, Nina Simone and many more. Yintewang still exists on Soundcloud along with her older releases such as, "FLY" beginning he birth of, "CARLA."



The Beginning Of A Sound

The alias, " CARLA." began when Carla started utilizing her voice to further her music career. She began rapping over her beats because they were so unique that many wouldn't dare to make songs out of them, so she did. Carla began breaking out of her shell through showcasing her beats to a small group of creatives known as RAP (Random Acts of Poetry) of GSU (Georgia Southern University). As a result of this, CARLA. would later release her first single, "FLY"(2015), the start of her music career. There she would also meet her creative group of friends who are to thank for the birthing of Carla the Poet.


Carla The Poet

A Powerhouse

There are many ways to describe Carla the Poet: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Carla the Poet is real. Continuing to spread her story in hopes of inspiring others to create, think freely and to learn. Carla ultimately seeks to help and heal not only herself, but others as well through her music.


Born June 24th, 1997 (Cancer)

Savannah, Georgia (native)

Height: 5'7

Body produces ALOT of steroids resulting in a beard, runs in DNA

Native American (Cherokee|Tsalagi)

Gullah Geechee (Geechee)

She/They/He (no preference)

Awkward introvert with extrovert tendencies


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